Monday, November 12, 2012


José Paumard thinks we are on the brink of the next big programming evolution. With C++ we no longer needed to maintain stacks. With Java we no longer had to maintain memory. And soon the parallel method of Java 8 will significantly ease the path to multithreaded programming. This session was very technical. Luckily now and then there were some very interesting aspects that revived our attention.

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  1. I have heard this "on the brink of the next big programming evolution" argument before from the likes of Brian Goetz and James Gosling ... years ago. And I do believe them, but it seems to take a while for the mainstream libraries and languages to get there. Anyway, talks like these are always interesting, but I do wonder how much of these constructs will end up being almost completely transparent for the regular Java user once the (r)evolution has passed. Also note that in the past it was always a new language that lead the way in said evolutions. Will this one take a new language also?


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