Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The java social JSR 357 was rejected because there was no real POC. And because the APIs of the social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, …) tend to change pretty often, some think it is not standardizable at all.  Today some social frameworks already exist: Spring Social, DaliCore (a Belgian project), Oracle SocialLink and the one that was presented in this session, Agorava. Again the session was very technical. A lot of time was spend explaining which technologies are used (REST, JSON, OAuth, CDI) by Agorava. I really had the impression I was attending a CDI crash course instead of a session about social network APIs. The demo showed a HTTP 500 error (fixed after the coffee break) and the speaker had a terrible French accent. Not sure that Agorava is the best POC for the next social JSR.

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